Show ‘Em What You’ve Got

Would you like to be picked for challenging projects? Would you like to be promoted? Would you like to continuously be on your boss’ list of potential successors? Being able to do your job is just the tip of the iceberg you have to climb. You would need to do a little bit more than that to advance.
Your leaders are always evaluating you and your peers. A Harvard survey found that 98% of companies have some sort of system to identify high performers, a select group that represents only about 3 to 5% of the workforce.
However, just because one is on that list doesn’t mean they stay there forever without doing anything. It’s just as challenging to stay on that list as landing on it. The same survey found that up to 20% of these rising stars drop off the list each year.
In order for you to get on that list and stay, take a look at the things that you can do right now.
1. Deliver results. Do your job and do it well. Keep track of the milestones you have accomplished and put these down in writing. Be the person your leaders think of when the words “meets and exceeds expectations” come up.
2. Develop a relationship with your boss. Make him or her look good. Know what is important to them so that would know which areas to focus on. Keep an open line of communication with your boss, and be candid (but respectful) with your opinions.
3. Focus on learning. Learn about your organisation. Read, study, observe, ask questions. Figure out how the company runs, what its culture is, where its priorities lie, and, most importantly, what you can contribute to it.
4. Ask for feedback. Receive this gift with an open mind. Proactively invite others to let you know what they think about your work. List down the relevant feedback and work on improving yourself. Thank your colleagues for their comments.
5. Be humble.Let your actions speak for themselves. Contribute to the team and share credit with others.

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