Get Moving

There is always an excuse to not exercise: the kids, the boss, the traffic, the complicated commute. But if you truly want to change – lose 20 pounds, get stronger, live longer – then there is always a way.

You can even start with the small, seekingly unimportant things. Sometimes, it helps to adjust certain accessories to make exercise more comfortable:

1. Wear comfortable and new sneakers. You may think you’re saving money by wearing old (ratty, ready-to-fall-apart) sneakers, but you’re just making it easier for injuries to happen. Workout shoes that fit comfortably can make a world of difference… starting with less painful feet. Take your time fitting shoes at the store. Try looking for an outlet that offers consultations, too.

2. Handle your hair before you start working out, so that you have less to worry about. Hair can be a dangerous distraction during exercise, especially if you work out with machines. Wear a headband if you have short hair. This way, your sweat wouldn’t drip on the floor or fly towards your Zumba classmate. If you have long hair, tie it up to make sure it wouldn’t get stuck on the elliptical.

3. Avoid baggy clothes. You don’t have to show skin, but fitted clothes are highly recommended. Very loose, baggy outfits can get stuck in machines, and they can get heavier as you sweat it out. You also wouldn’t be able to see parts of your body that you are working on. It’s easier to pay attention to your movements and avoid mistakes if you wear fitted clothes.

4. Try moisture-wicking fabric. Moisture-wicking fabric quickly absorbs moisture, so you stay cool, dry, and comfortable. Used for tops, pants, and other exercise clothes, this fabric can help you focus on your exercises instead of your clothes.

5. Add more chocolate to your diet. YES! Have some of that dark chocolate or drink chocolate milk before and after workouts. Studies show that ingredients in chocolate can strengthen your endurance.

Exercise is challenging enough without having to deal with uncomfortable clothes, accessories and unenjoyable food. Try these simple adjustments and make your workouts easier.

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