Why do people hire a coach?

People hire a coach for a number of reasons:

  • They want something.
    • A sales professional wants to increase her sales numbers!
    • A single man wants to find his soul mate!
    • An executive wants to grow the company and get more public kudos!
    • A middle manager wants to find his dream career!
    • A small business owner wants to take more vacations!
    • An aging man wants to get back in shape!
  • They can no longer settle for status quo and cannot stay where they are any longer.
    • A sales professional can’t cover her bills each month, is dipping into her savings, and needs to make more money fast or she’ll end up losing everything!
    • An individual who has debt problems
    • A single man/woman who wants to find a partner
    • An executive can’t get his team to take the initiative and his board of directors is breathing down his neck!
    • A middle manager is bored with his job and can’t take another year doing this meaningless job!
    • A small business owner works 80 hours a week and feels like a slave to her business!
  • They feel stuck and want change.

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