At a certain point in my career, I felt a tremendous amount of doubt. I didn’t think I could progress any further than I already have, and did not know how to move on from that feeling. Thankfully, I had someone offer me comfort and renewed confidence from only three words: trust and believe.
We’ll talk about trust some other time. Today, let’s focus on beliefs.
Beliefs determine actions, which, in turn, determine results. If you are not getting the results that you expect or want, then perhaps it is time to take a long, hard, serious look at your beliefs, which lie at the core of what is happening in your life. Goals are easier and more effectively achieved when beliefs support it.
What do we believe?
There is always a way. Believing that you can actually succeed at a certain task or goal is required for you to take the first step. Reaching a goal starts with, “I will…” and not, “I don’t think I can do it.”
Everyone is doing the best they can. Everyone is busy, everyone has a lot of things to do. Everyone feels pressured. More often than not, you are not really the issue; don’t take things too personally. Of course, this does not mean that, just because the other person is having a bad day, he can take things out on you. This belief basically just tells you that, for the most part, the problem is not you.
Failure is a tool for learning. There comes a point in every endeavour when all the planning and thinking is done. You will just have to pull the trigger. Did you miss your target? Recalibrate and adjust your aim. The only real failure is in not doing anything. There are no successes without failures.
I can do anything, but I can’t do everything. Would you like to be a neurosurgeon, astronaut, rock star? Would you like to climb Mount Everest, or complete an Iron Man event, or take the gold at the Olympics? Of course, you can do anything! Just not everything at the same time, or even in one lifetime. Choose the most important one to you and let the others go.
Small improvements are enough. You want to change the world, but change is uncomfortable for anyone. Introduce a little at a time… think of it as a piggy bank: you put in one coin after another, and eventually that piggy is full. Small changes, if implemented slowly and sustained, can have a huge impact.
I don’t need to be the best. Being the best means beating out all competition, potentially including people you love. Being the best means making sacrifices that you may not be ready, nor want, to make. Being the best can lose for you precious time and energy spent in another aspect of life. Aim for a high level of success instead.
It will all be over someday. Not to be morbid, but no one lives forever. How do you wish to be remembered? Do you even wish to be remembered at all? None of your mistakes will matter in the end, but a lifetime spent impacting lives will cause a profound ripple of love and kindness.
What is your “I will…” for today?

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