Be Self-Aware

What is self-awareness? It is the knowledge and awareness of who you are as a person, your personality and character. When you know yourself, you know what makes you tick, and what buttons to push. This includes an awareness of how other people see you.
Your level of self-awareness can influence your relationships, career, and happiness:
Self-awareness is important if you want to take control of your life. Where you want to go and how to get there are determined by your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. If you know yourself, then you can anticipate your tendencies and control them.
Being self-aware helps you see which beliefs and emotional reactions are pushing you in the wrong direction, and empowers you to make the appropriate adjustments and steer the ship your way.
Self-awareness shows us the real reasons for failing in the past. It gives us clearer hindsight without the emotional baggage that comes in admitting our contribution to something that had gone wrong. When you can see your own mistakes clearly, with the defensiveness and the blame game, then it is easier to draw the path forward.
Build your self-awareness one step at time:
Write your own manifesto. Reflect on how you see life, your ambitions, and “what you want to be when you grow up.” Write it all down. Read it back to yourself. Look at the things that surprise you about yourself.
Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Be concrete about what these strengths and weaknesses are. Use verbs, not adjectives. What exactly do you do that makes you think you are “reliable?” What do you mean by “hard worker?”
Interview people close to you. Ask them what they honestly think of you. How would your children or colleagues describe you? Do their descriptions match what you may have thought about yourself? What gaps will you need to address to improve yourself?
Self-awareness is the cornerstone of success and self-improvement. It is necessary to understand your beliefs, habits, strengths, and weaknesses to make a personal change.
Give it some time and thought. Start building on self-awareness today.

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